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sexta-feira, julho 14, 2006

Diary of Dreams: Dream Collector

Mais uma excelente sugestão do nosso amigo Gothic. Desta vez o blogger sugere o último trabalho dos alemães Diary of Dreams - Dream Collector.

«When Diary Of Dreams toured South Africa in 2003, the band released the “Dream Collector” via Alter Ego over there. This collector’s item is a compilation of rare or nowadays unavailable songs and contains for instance much sought after tracks like “Forestown” or the original version of “False Affection, False Creation (1st Version)” from 1993. At the time, we imported a limited number of copies for our Accession shop which of course were gone in almost no time.

Last year, “Dream Collector” was also released in Russia, causing a lot of fans to ask why there isn’t a regular version available for Europe. So far, we decided against releasing it on Accession because we had stated from the start that this particular CD would only be available here as an import. This was three years ago, and since then, we kept receiving lots of enquiries about it.

We tried for months to import more copies from South Africa or Russia but had to abort all these plans in the end because the eventual price in the Accession shop, caused by the high costs for postage, customs and so on, would just haven’t been acceptable to us at all.

Therefore, we have now decided to release the “Dream Collector” on 14th July 2006 officially on Accession. For fairness reasons, the design and content will be identical to the Russian and South African version.

We’re really looking forward to have the “Dream Collector” available here at last!
Já tive oportunidade de ver esta banda por duas vezes :) Excelentes shows :) Já foi há algum tempo, e a formação era diferente, mas a qualidade mantém-se :p

ps.: adoro toda a cover art desta banda :)