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quinta-feira, outubro 19, 2006

FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM: Genesis and Revelation

adenda aqui

FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM: Jungle Records has announced that it will be releasing a 3-disc Fields of the Nephilim boxed set, entitled 'Genesis and Revelation,' on October 20. This desirable collection delves back to their pre-flour, pre-smoke early days, with early 1985 demos and remixes from 1986; plus a reunion of original members in 1997, a live show from 2000, and an intriguing DVD with early support shows in tiny clubs, a German festival in front of 20,000, and a revealing 1998 interview.


1. STUDIO RARITIES Power (new mix)
2. Secrets (new mix)
3. The Tower (‘86 O’Higgins mix)
4. Dawnrazor (1985 demo)
5. Secrets (1985 demo)
6. Power (1985 demo)
7. Power (radical mix)
8. Deeper Deepest Dub (1997 reunion)


2. Intro (The Harmonica Man)
3. Preacher Man
4. Moonchild
5. For Her Light
6. Love Under Will
7. Shine
8. Zoon (Part 3 – Wake World)
9. Xodus
10. Dawnrazor
11. Psychonaut


1. Video-Promo
2. Power
3. Brighton Zap Club 1986
4. Laura, Trees Come Down
5. Croydon Underground 1986
6. Dawnrazor
7. Mera Luna Festival 2000
8. Moonchild
9. For Her Light
10. Love Under Will
11. Psychonaut
12. Bonus Feature: 1998 interview with Carl McCoy & Tony Pettitt.

"Some of you may be aware of the insidious release of a new "box set" of Fields of the Nephilim works entitled "Genesis and Revelation". Camden-based record company Jungle Records are yet again attempting to deceive our famously loyal followers into parting with their cash. Please be aware that this "product", which claims to include previously unreleased audio tracks and audio-visual live footage from the band, is no more than a shoddy concoction of generally low quality recordings and bootlegs, much of which have been freely available on the internet for years. This release contains no new or official material and is not sanctioned, sponsored or condoned in any way by Fields of the Nephilim."


At 02:07, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Onde está o link para baixar as musicas?

At 12:09, Blogger Wellen said...

não está. é apenas uma notícia :)

At 19:22, Anonymous Rui Ribeiro said...


At 19:16, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Where are the link from this great band please , thanks

grtz marcel from holland

At 11:51, Blogger Wellen said...

bolas! outro a pedir links?

there are no dw links. this is just a (fake?) news


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