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quarta-feira, março 28, 2007

Alexander Robotnick returns!!!

E agora algum Electro!
Alexander Robotnick, o italiano conhecido como o avô (!) do modern electro dance e 80s Italo Disco está de volta! Claro, como não estivessemos a reviver agora os anos 80.

"My la(te)st Album" é o nome do novo trabalho de Maurizio Dami, aka Alexander Robotnick, e tem data prevista de lançamento a 7 de Maio. Para este trabalho, Robotnick seleccionou 13 faixas das 40 que tem vindo a trabalhar desde há 3 anos, utilizando basicamente o mesmo equipamento que utilizava no início dos anos 80!

As faixas:

1. Disco Sick
2. We Love the Music
3. I’m Getting Lost in my Brain
4. Jette la Masque
5. Don’t Get in It
6. Acid Magma
7. In a Positive Mood
8. Addio Addio
9. Don’t Get Out, Love me
10. A Coffee Shop in Rotterdam
11. Dublin-Florence-Siena
12. You Are Fesh!
13. My Battery is Low


The new work from the (God)father of modern Electro Dance and 80's Italo Disco ! "My La(te)st Album" melts different styles and sounds into a fluid whole. A trip into the most expressive electronic music, from the darker atmospheres of "Disco Sick", through to the funny acid of "I’m Getting Lost In My Brain", the vintage sound of "Jette Le Masque", to light Techno of "Acid Magma" and the Electro-Disco of "Addio Addio". All these tracks were recorded using the original 80's equipment with the only obvious addition of a PC. All music was composed and produced on analogic synths and drum-machines : Roland SH101 and TB303, Korg Mono-Poly, TR808 and TR909 and Prophet 5.

in MusicNonStop.co.uk

Alexander Robotnick got his first success about 24 years ago with the release of "Ce n’est qu’un début" (1983), the mini-lp featuring 80s dancefloor mega-hits such as "Problèmes d’amour" and "Dance Boy Dance". Since then, Robotnick has been venturing along different musical routes ranging from soundtracks for theatre, films, TV and fashion shows to world music. In 2002 he also published "Oh No...Robotnick!" on which he re-created the original electro sound that made him one of the Godfathers of dance music. Several re-releases of his early hits followed, including "Krypta 82" on the Crème Organisation label.

in Side-Line.com

Podem ouvir Alexander Robotnick na faixa "problemes d'amour" na mix do post anterior, bem como no seu site oficial. Para quem gosta de retro-electro, vale a pensa ;)