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terça-feira, dezembro 20, 2005

sound visions

Through ages, through history
through civilizations, through societies
taking man as a house
We've traveled a long long way to be here now
Back then, we left our virtual land
to come down on the electric field of chosen human minds
where we unite for the best or the worst
We're the ones who came before
and the One you kneel before
for we're those who are no more
We cannot be understood
as we are understanding
Guided by the wind, we come to your place
reading your wishes and hidden desires
dressing your dreams of colors and sounds
beware of yourself, 'cause you'll get what you want
We're the ones who came before
and the One you kneel before
for we're those who are no more
Liquid Soul Dimension
Far from my kingdom
golden dreams, tranquil peace
Far from me, pornographic smiles
Far is your world
lost in a sea of nothingness
a passed Utopia, a banished lie
Land, of infinite spaces
Suns, of interior lights
Dances of the absurd and the real

SAMAEL :: The Ones Who Came Before


At 18:24, Blogger Luis Baptista said...

Brilhante, nunca os vi ao vivo, mas gostava, bom projecto, de longa duração, sem duvida uma referência do bom que se faz hoje em dia.

At 18:33, Blogger Wellen said...

o passage é um album E-X-C-E-L-E-N-T-E! de uma ponta à outra!


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