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quarta-feira, julho 26, 2006

The best Dark Ambient has a name: Lustmord!!!

Zoetrope is a haunting and surreal film set in an apocalyptic, decaying world. Based on Franz Kafka’s “In the Penal Colony”, a man is imprisoned for an unnamed crime and tortured by a nameless sadistic bureaucrat. As the chilling nightmare unfolds, the prisoner peels away the layers of his own metaphysical existence, inching ever closer to his inescapable fate.
Hatched from the fertile imagination of Director Charlie Deaux, ZOETROPE’s richly complex visuals and dark atmosphere cast a spell of fear and terror far beyond its tightly edited 20 minute length. It’s easy to wonder if he’s the bastard son of Lars von Trier, or a lost cousin of the Brothers Quay. The music and sound design for ZOETROPE were composed by Lustmord, and compliment the harrowing visuals perfectly. ZOETROPE is presented in a delux embossed tri-fold DVD-sized digipak.



At 20:18, Anonymous Anónimo said...

hey! I uploaded this video!

don't mind...

this blog is interesting...i'll be back soon.....

visit mine!

At 12:08, Blogger Gustav North said...

Thanks for sharing , btw I am using this kicks for my darkwave music


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