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segunda-feira, novembro 27, 2006

Second Voice, the biography

Já que se falou tanto de Second Voice, eis a história da banda, retirado do livro que acompanha a colectânea.

É quase impossível encontrar material vídeo dos Second Voice, por isso deixo aqui um vídeo dos Bigod 20 (projecto do Zip Campisi com o Talla 2XLC), com a voz inconfundível do Jean Luc DeMeyer (Front 242).

"The story of Second Voice goes back more than ten years to the year 1985.

Back them in the old imperial city of Goslar/Harz, Guido Fricke (Keyboards) and Ingo Weihe (Keyboards & Guitar) joined up to form an electronic group whose experimental nature still influence their music today. Shortly after, Thomas Franzmann joined the band as singer. In 1987, keyboardist Christian Scholze replaced Ingo Weihe, who left the band for personal reasons.

His energy boosted the live quality of the band and now the line-up was set - with the exception of a short period with live-keyboardist Andreas Diosegi. The band continued to develop and progress from the time of their first demo tape “Trog” (1986) and throughout their following tapes Restlessness (1987), Perpetuate (1988) and A Strange Day’s D.A.W.N. (1989).

The tapes from Second Voice sold rather well. An appearance as support act for Vomito Negro and the positive support from the trendy magazine New Life (Schwitzerland) helped bring about a friendship with Carlos Peron (Ex-Yello member).

Thomas Franzmann worked under the pseudonym Zip Campisi by singing parts for Bigod 20 (project around Talla 2XLC).

Thomas Franzmann - The voice of Thomas can be as tender as silk, or loud as a roaring lion.

Guido Fricke - Computer Operator, Guido is an innocent dilettantish genious with one hand studying Einstein’s theory of reality and the other playing his self constructed sampling instrument.

Christian Scholze - Christian is the model of the band, looking as good Dolp Lundgren, he deals with screamings and guitar effects on stage."

Bigod 20 - The Bog


At 11:23, Blogger Luis Baptista said...

Ok. muito bom.Bigod 20, uma das minhas velhas bandas preferidas, tal como Second Voice é com muita pena que os vi desaparecer. " The Bog" foi e ainda é um clássico, muitas mixes foram feitas e resumindo é um must sempre actual.

At 15:48, Blogger Luis Baptista said...

Wellen: Andre: a box in Strict Confidence, encontra-se praticamente esgotada, cada exemplar para nós fica 34,5 Euros.Preciso saber com urgência se estão interessados.Obrigado.Luis.


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