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domingo, janeiro 08, 2006

fã de Leaether Strip preso pelo FBI nos EUA

Parece que um fã de Leaether Strip foi preso, no passado dia 4 de Janeiro, no aeroporto de San Jose, na California. O fã tinha escrito num jornal suicide bomber, o título do EPCD do projecto alter ego de Claus Larsen. Este facto, a juntar com um pacote suspeito que o fã levava... Podem ler o comunicado na integra de Bernard, editor da Alfa-Matrix.

US arrests Leaether Strip fan with words 'suicide bomber' written in his journal. It looks like a first victim has fallen under the spell of Leaether Strip's "Suicide Bombers" EPCD. Reuters reports that an airline passenger with the words 'suicide bomber' written in his journal was arrested by the FBI when his plane arrived in San Jose, California, on Wednesday, January 4th. The man was able to explain that the words referred to the music by Claus Larsen and was free to go after hours of interrogations. The fan was observed by fellow passengers as having a journal and hand written on the journal were the words 'suicide bomber'. That, combined with the fact that he was clutching a back pack and 'acting a little suspiciously' prompted law enforcement to act so the FBI declared in a statement. Authorities boarded the plane and arrested the man on the Frontier Airlines plane. Alfa Matrix and Leaether Strip have asked the fan to make his identity known so that he can be compensated in a musical way for the trouble undergone. It is not the first time that Alfa Matrix faces the US authorities. In 2001 the US customs seized hundreds of copies from Mnemonic's debut album because needles were found in several limited boxes in the same pack. It was only after an intervention by the Belgian embassey that the stock was delivered.


enfim... como já se pode ler no forum da Side-Line sobre isto: What a bunch of cowbrains!